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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Saturday  NBC  October 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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right now at five: a republican campaign rally in elkhorn, goes on, without ?either? members of the party's presidential ticket. we are now one month from election day, and the finds itself in turmoil. donald trump... facing mounting criticism... following friday's release of a 2005 video, in which he made lewd and sexually-charged comments. trump has since and just a short time ago,... trump sent out this tweet, saying, "the media and establishment want me out of the race so badly - i will never drop out of the race, will never let my supporters down!" trump's trump's graphic comments on an "access
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this excerpt where, months after marrying melania, he bragged about how he tried to seduce a married woman: (("unidentified: that's huge news there!trump: no, no. nancy and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, i'll show you where they have some nice furniture. i took her out, i moved on her like a b????. i couldn't get there and she was married. and all of a sudden i see her, she's now got the big phony t??? and everything. she's totally changed her look.")) this afternoon, trump's wife, melania, issued a statement saying, quote, "the words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. this does not represent the man that i know. he has the heart and mind of a leader." trump's running mate, mike pence, released this statement today: "as a husband and father, i was offended by the words and actions described by donald trump in the eleven- year-old video released yesterday. i do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. i am grateful that he
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apologized to the american people. we pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation tomorrow night." within the past hour... former president bill clinton wrapped-up a campaign appearance in the milwaukee area. ben jordan is live in greenfield with what the president had to say, ben: julia, bill clinton treated this as just another stop on the campaign trail -- he did not mention donald trump by name and did not bring that were released yesterday. here's a look at the crowds just over an hour ago. around 400 came to the ibew union. it wasn't smooth sailing the entire event. a couple minutes in clinton was interrupted by protesters yelling he is a racist. they were kicked out-- and clinton took the high road moving on focusing his speech on voter turnout, secondary education, and immigration
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be the next president. bill clinton - stumping for hillary12236 "our candidate for president.... no quit than anybody i've ever seen." clinton also did not mention leaked emails on hillary's end. moving forward, another family member and top clinton surrogate will be making monday. that will be in racine- more info at today's republican vice presidential nominee mike pence was scheduled to take donald trump's place at today's g-o-p rally in walworth county, after trump bowed-out. but
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in elkorn with ?who ?was? there... and ?what was said about the trump controversy, charles. it was was an all red republican rally but even speaker paul ryan admitted there was an elephant in the room. sot paul ryan it is a troubling situation - i'm serious it is. ryan did not mention donald trump by name but referred to his earlier statement that said he was sickened by trump's lewd remarks. sot i meant what i said and it's still how i feel. lots of raw feelings about trump's comments from supporters like pharmacist heather gilbertson sot heather gilbertson/trump supporter 125000 yeah it was offensive to me personally, yeah but did
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for trump - she's backing a third party candidate. but the mother of two sons and two daughters is voting paul ryan and she wants him to drop his endorsement of the republican nominee sot michelle shilts/ryan supporter 125414 what if he doesn't unendorsed i'll keep writing him emails begging him to do it. hopefully he will have a change of heart. sot paul anderson/trump supporter 131150 hillary is a criminal trump all the way supporter josh schimek says he paid 500 dollars for a chance to meet trump - he blames ryan and republicans for trying to distance themselves from the nominee. sot josh schimek/trump supporter 130133 i'm supporting it because i thought they were supporting him the fact that they kind of turned on him disgusts me at this point trump's name came up a couple of times from the speakers and some in the crowd shouted out his name. 152230 sot nick iles/trump supporter there were some people who were really upset trump wasn't brought up as much but i believe the core principals
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many of trump's fellow republicans are speaking out today, including former presidential nominee, mitt romney: (("i was offended and dismayed... (applause) by what was said and done by mr. trump. i think its degrading to our women, our our granddaughters, to future generations.")) and one of trump's former republican rivals for the nomination says it's time to remove trump from the ticket. in a facebook post, carly fiorina urges the republican national committee to replace trump with mike pence. the second presidential debate is tomorrow night... the same night the packers take on the
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airing the packers game. if you would like to watch the presidential debate, we will be streaming it on our website, our app and on facebook live. to hurricane matthew now...the storm... just barely a hurricane now. located offshore from the carolinas.... after making landfall in ?south? carolina. what's being called a "serious? flooding event is taking place now. the storm is blamed for at least four deaths in the u.s., all in florida. and a look at the damage from above in jacksonv, parts of jacksonville beach... eroding much of this shoreline. people are being told to plan for power outages for the next few days. meteorologist brian niznansky has the latest on matthew...and a first look at our ?own? weather as well, brian: after a very chilly start with some patchy frost away from lake michigan, it turned out to be a beautiful fall day. highs climbed into the upper 50s to near 60 with an abundance of sunshine. we'll have a few more clouds overnight tonight, so
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much as last night. lows will range from the upper 30 northwest to the middle 40s
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a scary scene in florida turns attention away from hurricaine recovery saving hostages held inside a restaurant. details next.also at five.. why it took about 200 people... to move something in hales corners..
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"more news now" on live at 5:a scary scene in tampa florida.. as a carjacking ends in a crash and then a hostage sitation at a mcdonald's.three men forced the employees to the back of the restaruant. they were later freed. those suspects are now behind bars tonight. a stunned driver finds a magestic bald eagle... ?in the grill of his car.the driver says it flew out in front of him.. while driving in
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eagle. it's now getting better at a wildlife sanctuary. bosch tavern in hales corners has gone through many changes. including a new look and new owners. but today's move may be the most unforgettable yet. veronica macias was there for the "tavern tug." "more than 200 people showed up this morning for "tug the tavern." pulling on these 2 inch ropes, moving this 150 ton building over 25 feet one - pu enough people would show up. that definity wasn't the case. there were plenty of hands..and musle to move her. the young and the old stuck together and did a good job. gently and slowing people tugged and managed to move the tarven to its final resting place.clearing the path for the expansion of highway 100. we were actually the first two people on the lot and we just felt like this was such a historical piece of the neighborhood's history." this is an opportunity of a lifetime. 114255i figured, you
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drove by this, 'hey i helped move it' when they get older. there is no foundation here, you can see the building is literally sitting on these cribs. we were kind of nervous. this many people showing up. we thought, wow, it's going to get pulled too hard. pulled off the rails. so it worked out just great. it's also great for the charity benefitting from the "tug"wtmj radio helped spread the word he was telling me that he was going to move the bar. and said 'we got to do something' i know i want to do a story on it. he said we got to do a promotion too. we got to do something for charity so i said. you come up with the idea and i'll try to get you a crowd. it helps us provide therpy services, and services to our special care nursery, um it's just amazing. the 1904 victorian now sits a little further west in hales corners. veronica maciastoday's tmj4. the building was eligible for the national register of historic places. it's owner hopes to re-open by thanksgiving. don't put away the short sleeves quite
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead.
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people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class and working families should come first. "storm team 4" now.... of sunshine for families in belgium who learned the imporatance of fire safety at the firefighter's open house. our very own storm team four meteorologist jesse ritka was there...showing families our storm's capable of tracking storms on the go to keep you safe. we don't need the storm chaser for any heavy lifting today.. here's meteorologist brian niznansky to explain. after a very chilly start with
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lake michigan, it turned out to be a beautiful fall day. highs climbed into the upper 50s to near 60 with an abundance of sunshine. we'll have a overnight tonight, so temperatures shouldn't drop as much as last night. lows will range from the upper 30 northwest to the middle 40s
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fantastic fall day is on the way for sunday as we continue to see crystal blue skies and sunshine. highs sunday should reach the lower 60s. a warm front kicks through sunday night, setting up a mild monday and tuesday. highs should reach 70 degrees both the next round of showers will be with our next cold front wednesday. this front sends our temperatures back into the 50s for highs on thursday, but it looks like we'll warm right
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coming up in sports the packers are just a day away from taking on the giantswhy the packers defense needs to be ready for eli manning and the giants offense.rod burks
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the green bay packers will be back in the national spotlight tomorrow night when they host the ny giants at lambeaufield. here's packers annoucer wayne larrivee's, on sundays night's big match up eli manning has driven the giants to victory over the packers in games that were much bigger than this, while this is not the giants team that has won 3 of the series, the trio of receivers manning is is the best he's ever hand. ............manning is best when operating from the pocket
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receivers. but he's not nearly as effective when forced off his spot.--that's a key for the packers pass rush.odell beckham junior is not just the most talented receiver the packers have faced this season, he is also the most emotional and this has gotten him into trouble.he is an acrobat, who makes the incredible catch on a regular basis.but beckham is coming off the worst performance of his career with just 3 catches for 23 yards at minnesota.when last we saw victor cruz he was in the game. after missing most of last 2 years due to injuries, cruz is now playing on the outside. cruz is their best route runner and is an endzone salsa dance waiting to happen.sterling sheppard is the newcomer to this trio, a second round draft pick out of oklahoma. the giants believe he is a younger victor cruz, he is fast with 4.4 speed, and catches everything.....the packers secondary has been burned for 16 plays of 20 plus yards in just three games this season. the giants talented trio of receivers have accounted for 11 of the 13 explosive pass plays for the
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where sunday's game hangs in the balance.for the scouting report i'm wayne larrivee. (( ten pack)) the badgers getting the weekendoff, because their bye week . they'll host the ohio state buckeyes next saturday at camp randall and check out the rain coming down in north carolina for nc state and notre dame game today...the conditions were couldn'teven handle the snap during pregame warmups .here's the play of the gamethe irish back to punt and the ballis blocked, nc state's "dexter right"picks up the wet football and runsin the endzone for the only touchdown of the state beat the fighting irsh.10 to 3 (( ten pack)) the bucks back in action tonighttaking on the mavericksin madison for preseason basketball the bucks are coming off a win over the bulls in their first preseason game in chicago.. greg monroe led the way with
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bucks defense this season ((mike says)) the defensive side is whatwe are going to hard to play against we've got size and length we have athletic guys that kinda remind me of but don't take me out of contextbut the kinda remind of the 2009 and 2010 lakers no body thatyear could get a shot off our a rebound i know it's weird coming out of my mouth but im excitedabout the defensive side of the game five in the nba we move on to baseball from last night.where the cubs got a "1 to nothing" win over the giants in game one of their series in chicago."ha-vier" "buy-ez" smacked thishomerun in the 8th inningfor chicago which turned out to be the only run of the chicago leads the seriesone game to nothing,game two is
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dodgersgame for today was postponedtill tomorrow, due to weather rain and wind from hurricane matthew has forced nascar to postpone the "bank american 500" at charlottemoter speedway tonight.track officials annouced todaythat the track is too wet and unsafe to run the race, so they will run it tomorrow.. this is the second striaght year that rain, has posponed this start of this race and that's a look at sports were back after the break.
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the estimated jackpot for tonight's badger five drawing is at 10-thousand dollars. and here are last night's mega millions numbers: 24 - 37 - 42 - 50 - 65 - 14... megaplier: x2 and with the cancelation of tonight's nascar race, here's a look at what's on t-v tonight: at six, it's "caught on camera"; at "dateline n-b-c," and at nine, it's an encore presentation of last week's season debut of "saturday night live." then be sure to join us for "live at ten."
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thanks for joining us on live at 5. nbc nightly news is next. on this saturday night campaign in crisis. donald trump the republican party turns on him after his demeaning comments about women. growing calls for trump to step aside on debate. could hillary clinton have been paid millions of dollars. how she plays the political game. the carolinas getting hit hard by deadly hurricane matthew. millions in the south facing catastrophic losses and a tough recovery. tracking russia's